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Gretchen Johnson

Gretchen Johnson Bio, Wiki, Family, Spouse, Net worth, More

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Gretchen Johnson is the widely known Family Feud contestant who rose to fame after marrying popular Family Feud’s host Richard Dawson. If you want to learn more about who Gretchen Johnson is and how she met Richard Dawson then continue reading below.

Gretchen Johnson Bio

Gretchen Johnson was born on September 22 1955 in Manhattan Beach, California, United States. She follows Christianity and has American nationality.

Her parents are named Bob Johnson and June Johnson. She has two sisters named Wendy and Heidi Johnson. Her late husband was Richard Dawson. Their daughter is named Shannon Johnson.

Gretchen Johnson Education

Not much is known regarding Gretchen Johnson’s education details. However, she moved to San Diego in her younger years to pursue an education.

Gretchen Johnson Appearance 

Gretchen Johnson is a smart and attractive lady who measures 5 feet 6 inches. The lady has upheld her grace and is still beautiful at the age of 67. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.

How Did Gretchen Johnson Meet Richard Dawson?

Gretchen Johnson’s life changed when she met Richard Dawson on the set of Family Feud in 1981. Gretchen then 26, attended the show with her mother and two sisters. Richard Dawson was swept away by Gretchen’s beauty and elegance.

 Dawson approached Gretchen Johnson by asking for her number behind the set. She agreed and gave him her number. Dawson tried to call Johnson many times but she did not lick up his call. After a while, Dawson felt that she might have given him the wrong number.

 However, Gretchen Johnson called him and told him that she could not call as her wisdom tooth had been removed.

Dawson then invited Johnson to his place and cooked delicious dishes for her. He made asparagus and beef for her. After a long time, Dawson came to know that Johnson hates asparagus and most of them items starting from the letter A.

 Despite her disliking, she enjoyed her then-to-be husband’s culinary skills.  The two started dating and got married a decade later in 1991. Earlier, Richard Dawson was married to British actor Diana Dors.

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 They also met while at work when Dawson was in New York to appear in the Steve Allen Plymouth Show. The two fell in love and got married on April 12, 1959. They had two sons Gary and Mark Dawson. However, the marriage could not last long as the two separated in 1964. Diana accused Richard of beating her.

Their divorce was finalized in 1967. After the divorce, Richard used to send flowers to Diana on her birthday and never said any bad words regarding her. Richard Dawson and Gretchen Johnson enjoyed a healthy married life.

 They welcomed their daughter Shannon Nicole Dawson on August 13 1990 in Beverly Hills. Richard Dawson brought her 4-year-old daughter to Family Feud in 1994. Shannon is now 33 years old and has launched Richard Dawson Esophageal Cancer Research to honor her father. She walked in her parent’s footsteps and now is a popular actress and model.

Unfortunately, Richard Dawson passed away due to esophageal cancer at the age of 79 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre on June 2, 2012. Richard Dawson used to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day which led him to develop cancer.

His son Gary Dawson from his previous marriage revealed that his father got diagnosed with esophageal cancer just three weeks before his death.

Gretchen Johnson Trivia

  • She met Richard Dawson on Family Feud.
  • Her daughter Shannon is a popular model and actor.
  • Gretchen Johnson hates asparagus and all food items starting from the letter A.
  • Her daughter stopped her father from kissing female contestants at the show.
  • Gretchen Johnson’s husband died from esophageal cancer.

Gretchen Johnson Personal Life

Gretchen Johnson remained out of the spotlight throughout her marriage. She currently lives a simple life with her stepsons and daughter.

The 67-year-old is not even present on social media. After her husband’s death, Gretchen Johnson decided to remain a widow and continue taking care of their children.

Gretchen Johnson Net Worth

Since Gretchen Johnson is a homemaker, she does not have any personal net worth. Her husband Richard Dawson’s net worth was estimated to be $100 million at the time of his death. His net worth is derived from his hosting on ABC’s Family Feud.


Gretchen Johnson is a simple, and doting lady who has upheld her husband’s legacy. The 67-year-old enjoyed a beautiful life with her husband Richard Dawson and daughter Shannon Dawson. Their married life proves that not every celebrity couple ends up in divorce.

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