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Privacy Policy

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Million Techy respects the privacy of both readers and writers so if you are concerned about your privacy then read this page thoroughly to clear all your doubts. This page includes the collection and processing of user data and how it is utilized by Million Techy to improve user experience. 

Million Techy is dealing with a wide range of niches including Technology, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, Celebrities, and others. At the same time, we are constantly updating our system to provide our readers with a safe and secure platform. If you have anything in mind regarding your privacy, you can contact us at [email protected]

What you should know about the privacy of Million Techy?

Million Techy believes that it is your right to know about how your data is processed when you interact with our website in any form. We can assure you that your data and information collected to improve user experience is safe with us. 

Moreover, when you interact with Million Techy in any form, you agree to the terms and conditions of our website automatically. However, it is our top priority to address and resolve the issues of our valuable audience and we try our best to do so.

What Type of Data is collected by Million Techy?

The informational virtual platform ‘Million Techy’ collects only basic details of visitors. You may be required to provide additional information in some cases for which you will be notified. The information might include your full name, phone number, residential address, GPS location, messages, company name, and other similar details.

We keep in mind the interests of our readers while collecting their information and use their information accordingly to make your experience great with our website. Keep reading to find out the ways we adapt to use your data.

How your collected information is utilized by Million Techy?

You need to understand that the purpose of data collection is to provide you the content based on your interests and to benefit users in many other ways. Read them below:

  • We wish to keep you updated about the latest trends by showing ads depending on your interests.
  • To fulfill your expectations and make sure all of our users may use the products and services offered by Million Techy.
  • It aids us in identifying the areas of our website that require development, which we then fix to enhance your interaction with us.
  • It allows us to monitor the actions so we can prevent our users from online scams and frauds.
  • It also allows us to save you time by showing relevant content.

Does Million Techy use Cookies?

Yes, but it is in your control if you want to allow us as we will only be able to use them if you accept cookies. The purpose of using cookies is to benefit the users in so many ways. Our systems collect some user data to have a better understanding of your preferences and then we customize our website accordingly.

You can disable cookies in your browser’s settings if you don’t want to accept them, but we won’t advise it because it will limit our ability to make this platform useful to you.

How Third-Parties work for Million Techy?

Million Techy has partnered with some brands and organizations called third parties so that we all can work together to provide users with what they require. However, it is your duty to read their policies first when you leave Million Techy because everyone has their own terms and conditions for collecting and using data and we won’t be responsible for their actions.

Last Updated Date: 19th May, 2024

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