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Contested Divorce

A Contested Divorce: Finding Your Way Out

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Divorce can be difficult and painful, no matter the circumstances. You have to navigate a complicated legal process in addition to emotional and financial challenges, and child custody. Divorce can be contested or uncontested, with the former being discussed further. 

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What does contested divorce mean?

A contested divorce is a type of divorce when either party/spouse is unwilling to separate or does not provide mutual consent. In case of a contested divorce, there are certain grounds on the basis on which a petition for divorce can be made before the court. 

What is the basis for a contested divorce?

The court can grant you a contested divorce on the basis of the following criteria:


  • This could be in the form of physical or mental cruelty. 
  • If either the spouse is likely to be harmful, then there is sufficient grounds for obtaining divorce due to cruelty. 


  • Adultery means consensual sexual intercourse outside of marriage is liable to be charged with a criminal offense. 


  • One spouse deserting the other without reasonable cause can be contested for divorce.

Mental disorder

  • If either spouse is incapable of performing the normal duties required for a healthy marriage due to any mental illness, divorce may be sought by the other spouse.

Communicable disease

  • Due to the presence of any communicable disease in either spouse, fearing a risk to life, the other spouse can file for a divorce.

Presumption of death

  • If the spouse has not heard or seen of to be alive for a prolonged period of time, then the other spouse can file for a divorce.

What are the alternatives to a contested divorce?

You can avoid a contested divorce through the following alternative options:

  • Uncontested divorce
      • A type of divorce where both parties agree on everything (they reach a settlement) or any party files for divorce and the second never responds to the divorce filing nor appears in court.
  • Mediation
      • Here there is a third-party mediator who helps resolve all the issues in the divorce so you can submit a settlement to the court.
  • Arbitration
      • This alternative helps by having a retired judge or prominent local divorce attorney hear both sides of the case and issue a final decision that is accepted. 
  • Collaborative divorce 
    • Involves hiring attorneys who agree to negotiate to an agreement and not to take the case to trial in court.

Whatever the process for a divorce may be, seek legal advice from expert professionals since you have all the right to free yourself from an unhappy marriage!

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