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Hoka Toka App Download: Read Useful Info Here.

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Chatting with your loved ones has now become a lot easier. With the advent of different messaging apps like WhatsApp, you can send a message to your friend hundreds of miles away. However, you are unable to see their current location on the app. The Hoka Toka app is here to update you on your loved one’s current location and allow you to use many different features that no other messaging app has.

What is Hoka Toka?

Hoka Toka is a WhatsApp tracker application that allows you to see who visited your profile, how many times they visited your profile, and who blocked/unblocked you.

Features of Hoka Toka

Some of the top-notch features of Hoka Toka are:

  • Multiple Functions 

The best aspect of Hoka Toka is that you can use different functions in addition to chatting with your friends. On Hoka Toka, you can see who blocked you, who visited your profile, and which unknown contact has watched your status. You can also track the current location of your friends and family to see where they are. Furthermore, you can also hide your location from your contacts.

  • Simple Interface 

Hoka Toka has a very simple interface just like WhatsApp, making it easier for people of all ages to use it.

  • Free Application

You can use all of the features of the app without paying a single penny.

How to use Hoka Toka? 

If you want to learn about how to use Hoka Toka app then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Install Hoka Toka app from any apk website.

    2. Open the app and register as a new user. Enter your mobile number along with international code, full name, email address and password.

  1.  Sign in using your email address and password to log in the app.

    4. You will come across the chat screen. Message your friends or see their location.

    5. You can also hide your location, see who visited your profile and who has blocked you.

How to Download Hoka Toka?

If you want to initiate the Hoka Toka App Download then follow the steps below.

  1. To install apk files, your mobile phone needs to grant permission to third-party sites. Enable installation from third-party sites on your mobile phone by going to mobile settings. Click on Security, and click on the Allow Unknown Resources.

    2. Ensure that your mobile phone has enough storage to sustain the Hoka Toka App Download.

    3. Search the Hoka Toka app on the internet browser.

    4. Open any apk website and click on the download link.

    5. Your download will automatically start.

    6. After the Hoka Toka App Download is complete, you can install the application.

If you want to download the Hoka Toka app on your PC, then you need to install an emulator. Follow the instructions mentioned below to successfully download the apk.

  1.  Install an emulator such as Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  2.  Search for Hoka Toka App Download on Google search.
  3.  Click on any apk website link and install the apk.
  4.  After successfully downloading the app, open the app to chat with your friends and use its features.

Is Hoka Toka App Legit?

Hoka Toka is a legit app. Although, it is not yet available on Google Playstore since it has recently been launched. People love using Hoka Toka App as it allows them to spy on their contacts and see where they are currently at. Users can also see who visited their profile and who blocked them without their knowledge.

Hoka Toka App is available on third-party websites and has already been downloaded by thousands of users worldwide. However, we do not recommend downloading from third party web sites as most of them contain malware and corrupted files. Installing these files may harm your mobile phone and spread viruses. It is advisable to download from app store or the official website of the app.

Hoka Toka Statistics

Developer: Toga Internacional

Version: 4.2.3

Last Updated on: 28-06-22

Requirements: Android 5.0+

Platform: Android

Size: 34 MB

Hoka Toka Apps

Hoka Toka has other apps too like live wallpaper app, screen lock app, ring tone app and phone launcher. All of these apps are packed with multiple features that make them interesting and easier to use by the users. The Hoka Toka apps are available for download at the apk websites and the official Hoka Toka website.


Hoka Toka is a wonderful platform where you can use different features while chatting with your loved ones. In addition to sending them a message, you can track their location, see how many times they visited your profile and whether they blocked you or not.

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