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Restofinisher Reviews

Restofinisher Reviews – Legit Or Scam Online Store? Find Out Here!

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Furniture wears out with the passage of time. Humidity and dirt damage the furniture’s appearance and makes it appear bland. It is crucial to refurbish your furniture regularly to extend its life.

Considering the importance of wooden furniture, many products have been introduced that aim to transform furniture. One such product is Restofinisher. In this article we have outlined essential information regarding Restofinisher and whether is restofinisher legit.

We have conducted an in-depth analysis of restofinisher and gathered Restofinisher reviews from different sites.

What is Restofinisher?

Instant wood shiners are becoming the latest fad. Many people cannot afford to purchase new furniture. They rely on wood restorers that make the furniture brand new at a much lesser cost.

Restofinisher is a wood restorer that aims to restore faded and old furniture into brand new furniture. If you have arranged a party at your home and have invited dozens of guests, you do not want them to have a bad impression due to your furniture. Make your furniture shine its brightest with Restofinisher.

It comprises restorative ingredients that work together to fill in the scratches. After applying Restofinisher, your furniture will no longer look dull. It effectively covers the lines and scratches without damaging the furniture finish.

Restofinisher is effective for removing abrasions, water marks, sun damage, and blemishes. Unlike other scratch-removers, Restofinisher deeply penetrates the furniture to remove the damage. It eradicates each and every deformity without affecting your furniture’s existing finish.

How Does Restofinisher Work?

If you have recently gotten your hands on Restofinisher then follow the steps below.

  1. Spray Restofinisher on the affected parts of your furniture.

    2.Wipe the liquid excess off the furniture.

    3.Let your furniture dry. Your furniture will be successfully restored.

    4.Restofinisher provides instant restoration within minutes.

Is Restofinisher Legit? 

Although Restofinisher looks very promising, there are certain downsides to it. We reviewed the product and found various loopholes that make us question its legitimacy. Some of the issues are:

  1. Restofinisher claims to be non-toxic. However, that’s not true. Many people report getting eye irritation due to it.

    2.The product that customers receive is not what is shown on the site. In fact, it is quite different from the one advertised.

    3.The image of Restofinisher illustrated on the site is blurry. If you try to zoom in on the picture, you will not be able to read the label.

    4.The product does not mention any ingredients, QA, address, instructions, or UPC code on its label. It only displays Made in China. This makes us highly suspicious of Restofinisher.

    5.The site Restofinisher.com claims that the product ships from the United States. However, that’s not the case as it ships from China.

    6.Restofinisher is inflammable. Therefore, it needs to be used with caution.

    7.Restofinisher’s name is copied from another product, Restore A Finish which has been around for some time.

    8.Restofinisher.com does not have any social media presence. Nowadays, legit sites have social media pages through which customers can purchase their products or leave valuable feedback.

Restofinisher Reviews

We analyzed various Restofinisher reviews to verify the product’s claims. Some of the most common reviews are:

  1. Many people claim that their furniture looked the same after applying Restofinisher.

    2.Many people object that Restofinisher is not a legit wood restorer. It is just plain olive oil that makes the furniture oily.

    3.The product has very few reviews. The positive reviews displayed on the site seem to be fake and paid reviews. They deem Restofinisher as a Holy Grail solution to their wood restoration needs.

While some reviewed that Restofinisher removed the scratches left by their God, others said how it helped refurbish the family heirloom furniture and enhanced its vibrancy. However, the product review sites deem Restofinisher untrustworthy.

All the customers present on other platforms have left negative reviews of the product. This shows that the site is illegitimate.

    4.Restofinisher has a runny consistency that does not cover the scratches adequately. Also, it takes a lot of time to dry.

Is Restofinisher Website Legit? 

While Restofinisher seems a bit suspicious, it is essential to find out the legitimacy of its website. Let’s look at certain points of Restofinisher.com.

Product Quality

Restofinisher comes in a good quality spray bottle. However, many people complain of receiving defective bottles.

Customer Service

Restofinisher offers round-the-clock customer service. However, it is a bit unsatisfactory as it may take more than 48 hours to hear back from them.

Delivery Service

Restofinisher offers door-to-door delivery. Even if you reside in remote areas, you will receive Restofinisher at your doorstep.


Restofinisher.com has a very neat interface. New visitors can easily navigate through the website and click on purchase to confirm their order. The site accepts orders 24 hours.


Restofinisher is a bit costly ($29. 95) as compared to its alternatives. The overall cost includes the shipping fee and sales tax. Although they are offering a 50% discount on their products but still it is expensive.


Restofinisher.com relies on third-party logistics companies to ship their products. As a result, customers receive their orders after waiting for days. This is because Restofinisher is a small company and has not yet increased its operations.

Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with Restofinisher, you can return the product within 90 days. However, you have to pay the shipping fee. After receiving the product, Restofinisher manufacturers will refund your money. Many people claim that they take a lot of time at refunding money and that too partial.

We also conducted a website analysis to detect any scams and found out that:

  • The website offers multiple payment methods that enhance its legitimacy.
  • Restofinisher.com has a valid SSL certificate.
  • The Site was created in 2020.
  • No malware has been detected on the site as checked by Flashstart.
  • However, there are certain red flags too. The site’s owner has hidden his identity via WHOIS. The Tranco rank is quite low.

Restofinisher Online Store Statistics

Product: Restofinisher

Site created on: 2020-02-19

Site updated on: 2022-01-24

WHOIS renew date: 2023-02-19

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 1 (531) 204-2238

Restofinisher Offices

Canada: 1771 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C9, Canada

United Kingdom: 415 High Street, Stratford, London NWM E15 4QZ, United Kingdom

Australia: 131 Keylana Drive, Keys borough VIC 3173, Australia


According to various Restofinisher Reviews, Restofinisher is a scam. People should avoid purchasing products from websites that seem suspicious. It is better to invest in products that have genuine reviews.

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