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Services Provided at iPhone Repair Stores in Ottawa

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Did you know? Approximately 89% of Canadians own a smartphone. Due to the mobile phone industry, what it meant to carry portable technology has been fully revolutionized.  In comparison to a smartphone, what computers could once do appears small. What’s more intriguing is that around 68% of Canadians have a damaged phone with a cracked screen. Yes! That is nearly the situation in every house. We always run to professional iPhone repair stores in Ottawa when such a situation occurs. Hence, the repair business is rapidly growing too!

If you need high-quality iPhone repairs in Ottawa, visit Mobile Doctor, it is one of the best cell phone repair shops there, as they have the solution to all your smartphone problems. Modern repair technology and their superb team of pros ensure a secure and trustworthy repair process! Let’s have a look at various services you can get at repair shops!

iPhone Repairs You Can Get at Cell Phone Repair Shops in Ottawa

Make sure to research and inquire about the store, customer service, work culture, authenticity of replacement parts, and experience before giving them your device for repairs. 

Here are the service provided at most cell phone repair shops in Ottawa. Keep reading!

Screen Damage Repair

You can take your phone, computer, or tablet to a repair store with a damaged screen. The professionals will remove the broken glass without harming any internal parts. Then the experts will replace the display with a brand-new, original one to give you the best possible screen accuracy and color.

Water Damage Repair

Did your phone go swimming, or did you accidentally spill water on it? Don’t worry; phone repair professionals have many ways to fix such damage. Nowadays, many phones come with an IP classification for dust along with water protection. It still does not entails that they are waterproof.

Simply take your phone to the nearby iPhone repair store, where specialists will completely dry it off, fix all damage, and test the device before returning it.

Speaker Damage Repair

Speaker damage can be caused in two ways.

  • Impact damage.
  • Water damage.

 In either situation, the repair guy will disassemble the device to get to its speaker unit, examine and identify any faults, then fix them quickly. If the damage is beyond repair, they have spare units in stock for you. After running a couple of tests, your device is delivered back to you as brand-new.

Battery Damage Repair

This is one of the most typical types of damage and the most common at phone and iPad repair shops.

Lithium-ion batteries are cells that slowly lose their charge because of excessive charging. If you feel like you are always attached to a wall socket, maybe it’s time to change the device’s battery. Visit a nearby iPhone repair shop to get a battery replacement so that you enjoy using your phone or tablet wherever you are.

Charging Port Damage Repair

When it comes to charging devices, most people are aggressive and careless. Users who plug and unplug their devices improperly—with the wrong adapters and, most critically, in the wrong ways—end up with devices that don’t charge quickly.

Experts advise not trying to repair charging ports at home, as the delicate pins can be damaged more. Instead, visit a local iPhone repair store.

To Sum it Up

As you’ve seen, reputable cell phone repair shops in Ottawa offer a wide range of services. All you have to do is understand what needs to be done. It makes sense to worry if you have damaged your device and have to give it to another person to fix it. Understanding your chosen repair shop is the initial step in building trust because of this. Before going, research the shop, its offers, procedures, culture, and past customer experience.

These provide a variety of upgrades in addition to repairs if you’re seeking computer repairs in Ottawa.

Your Go-to Store for Cell Phone Repair Shops in Ottawa

Registered, certified, and experienced repair professionals will save you the hassle of trying to do it yourself. If you are experiencing any tech-related problems, Mobile Doctor is here to help.


Should I fix the screen on my phone myself?

Even while a DIY repair kit is available, replacing the panel requires specialized tools that the average homeowner is unlikely to have. Imagine if the replacement was not done correctly. In that situation, you may severely damage your cellphone and ultimately need to buy a new one.

How Can I Tell If the New Screen Is Original?

A genuine and a fake one differ greatly from each other. The real one will have a brilliant display even though the duplicate will include a barcode. The fake panel will exhibit hardware incompatibility and mediocre display characteristics. Additionally, it will be simple to break.

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