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Teps login: Check Results online 2022

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Taking Teps authorized exams is mandatory to get admission or a job in various sectors of Pakistan. Every year, thousands of candidates take PMC exams to get admission into their favorite medical and dental schools. If you want to give a TEPS login exam then continue reading below.

What is Teps login?

Teps login stands for Testing and Evaluation Platform and is an oteps loginnline portal created by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) at which students can practice mock tests, do preparation for the exam and improve their scores.

Why choose Teps login?

teps login 2022

Source: Teps.pk

Teps login 2022 offers the following top-notch benefits for potential candidates.

  • Practice Test

Candidates willing to give MDCAT, NLE, or other related exams can give a mock test on Teps login platform. This allows students to practice their knowledge and get a better scores. Students can also avail the paid practice test option.

  • Fair Testing 

All the questions are systematically chosen and checked by machines to ensure fairness.

  • Smart Preparation 

Students can do conceptual learning and prepare smartly for the upcoming exams.

  • Flexibility

You can choose the test date and exam center according to your needs.

  • Results

Students can get their results on Teps login app.

Exams under Teps login

Some of the exams which you can give under Teps login are:


MDCAT stands for Medical and Dental College Admission Test and is a pre-requisite for getting admission into a medical or a dental college. MDCAT is held once a year and students willing to give an online exam can give it under Teps login.

  • NLE

NLE stands for National Licensing Examination and is a license awarded to medical graduates to start practicing officially. All the students graduating after March 2020 are required to pass NLE. You can give a computer-based NLE test on Teps login.

  • NEB

NEB stands for National Equivalence Board and is a mandatory exam for Pakistani medical or dental students who have acquired medical degrees from abroad. Before starting their house job, they have to pass NEB to obtain a license. International students can give NEB on the Teps login site.

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Teps login 2022 results

Teps login 2022 exam will be held from August to September 2022. The result will be announced on October 9, 2022. If you want to give an exam on Teps and view the results, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit https://www.teps.pk/

    2.Click on the login option.

    3.Enter your name and enrollment to log in to the portal.

    4.Click on the exam which you have given.

    5.Enter your name and assigned roll number.

    6.You can view your result.

Teps login exam instructions 

Some of the instructions that you have to follow on the day of the exam are:

  1. You are required to bring your original NADRA ID card/ B-form/ passport and roll number slip to the exam center.
  2. You are not required to bring pencils, pens, or calculators since the exam will be held online on laptops.
  3. You will be given a rough sheet or marker to do rough work.
  4. You  are requested to reach the exam center at least an hour before to avoid any issues.

    5.No candidate will be allowed inside the exam center after 15 minutes of starting the exam.

How to give Teps login Exam? 

Consider the following instructions prior to giving a Teps-based exam.

  • You will be given a verification code at the examination center which you have to enter while logging in to the Teps app.
  • After successful verification, you will come across a screen detailing the instructions.
  • After carefully reading the instructions, check the terms and conditions and proceed to start the exam.
  • You have to solve 210 MCQS in 210 minutes. You will see a timer on the screen allowing you to wrap up your exam before the time exceeds.
  • The Teps exam is divided into four sections which are Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, and Logical Reasoning.
  • The passing score for Teps exam is at least 65%.
  • You can skip a question and answer it at the end.
  • You will be given four options to choose from and you have to select one option. After selecting the option, you cannot change it.
  •  If you are giving a practice test, your score will immediately be available to you after submitting the test. You will see a detailed analysis of your exam.
  • If you are giving a formal test, then you have to wait 30 minutes to see your result. 10. You can view your result by logging in to the Teps login app and entering your verification code. You will only see your score percentage.

Teps login contact details

If you face any issues while logging in to the portal then you can contact the administration at +923311006191 or email them at [email protected]


Teps is an excellent platform for aspiring medical and dental students to study and prepare for the official examinations. Students can obtain the official license and begin practicing professionally after giving the Teps login Exam.

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