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Batchlet.com Reviews: Is Batchlet Com Legit Or Scam?

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has laid the foundation for many online businesses. People prefer shopping online these days. Given the rapid change in shopping trends, many e-commerce businesses have been launched that provide premium quality products to their customers.

One such e-commerce store is Batchlet. However, these new stores usually have low traffic and engagement which makes them a bit suspicious. In this article, we have outlined Batchlet.com Reviews and whether is batchlet.com legit. If you want to learn about what is Batchlet.com then continue reading below.

What is Batchlet.com?

Batchlet.com is an online store that sells women’s apparel, body suits, body shapers, and various curtain accessories. All of their products are trendy and are available at affordable prices. They are comparatively a new business launched two years back and deliver worldwide.

Batchlet.com Benefits 

Some of the top-notch benefits of Batchlet.com are:

  • Latest Trends

The apparel sold at Batchlet.com are trendy and chic. They offer latest designs available in vibrant colors that appeals to the customers. 

  • Affordable Rates

Another great aspect of the Batchlet.com is that their products are quite cheap as compared to other E-commerce stores. The trendy designs available at budget-friendly rates are truly miraculous. Many customers prefer Batchlet.com because of their unique selling point. 

  • Return Policy

Batchlet.com offers a refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase then you can return the product along with tags within fourteen days. If you receive a damaged product, immediately contact Batchlet.com within three days. Otherwise, your complaint will not be entertained after three days. 

  • Free Shipping

Batchlet.com offers free shipping for orders within the US.

How to Shop from Batchlet? 

  1. Search Batchlet.com
  2. Click on the official link of Batchlet.com.
  3. Select the item you want to purchase ranging from apparel, bodysuits, curtain accessories to inners.
  4. Pay the price via PayPal.
  5. The delivery takes up to 3 to 5 business days.
  6. If you do not like the product, return the complete package. You can return items up to 14 days since purchase.

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Batchlet.com Pros and Cons

If you are looking to purchase goods from Batchlet.com then consider the pros and cons mentioned below.


  1. Batchlet.com has a valid HTTPS connection and an SSL certificate which is a good sign.
  2. The email address matches the store’s name which proves its credibility.
  3. The store has a mail server.


  1. The biggest downside to Batchlet.com is that it has a very bad trust index score of just 1% which makes us question, is Batchlet.com legit?
  2. The store has very limited payment options. (Only PayPal)
  3. Batchlet.com cannot be found on any social media platforms.
  4. The store offers very limited items.
  5. Surprisingly, a fake return address is mentioned on the website. (The address belongs to a house)
  6. No order cancelation feature is available.
  7. No proper refund policy. (However, the store says that the items can be returned within 14 days after purchase but they have to be in pristine condition)
  8. There are lots of grammatical mistakes in the content that makes Batchlet.com dubious.

Batchlet.com Statistics

  1. Store Name: The Batchlet
  2. Website: https://batchlet.com/
  3. Domain Created on: December 29, 2020
  4. Domain Expiration Date: December 29, 2021
  5. Contact Number: (407) 676-4954
  6. Contact Name:  Jamie Lattea
  7. Email Address: [email protected]
  8. Batchlet.com Office Address: 510 N Summerlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 United States
  9. Office Timing: (Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M)
  10. Payment Method: PayPal
  11. Shipping Method: USPS
  12. Delivery Time: 3 to 5 Business Days
  13. Refund Policy: up to 14 days

Is Batchlet.com Legit?

Cybercrime and scams have increased a lot lately. Many online stores have been launched that offer trendy products at affordable rates to bait customers. Once a customer falls into their scam, either their money is lost or they receive faulty and nefarious items.

Such websites have a very attractive layout to keep their fraud in disguise. As far as Batchlet.com is concerned, the site seems very suspicious as it has a very young domain age. Google warns against trusting sites that are relatively new.

Let’s dig deep into Batchlet’s statistics and see whether the site is trustworthy or not. There are no customer Batchlet.com reviews on products which makes them suspicious. Reliable sites have both authentic positive and negative reviews so that customers can make wise decisions.

Furthermore, the site has no proper refund policy which highly suggests that they are most likely to be scam. Not only that, Batchlet.com is not present on any social media platform. Many scam sites refrain from social media as users can report and complain about these sites which are seen by people worldwide.

The domain Batchlet.com is no longer available. If you click on  Batchlet.com, you will come across a domain for sale page. This proves that the site is scam.

Regarding the payment methods, they are also doubtful as the security badges from VISA, PayPal, and MasterCard are all fake. They are copied images with no link to the official page.

In addition, the contact information provided on the site is false. The address belongs to a residential building and the contact number is invalid. The customer service is highly unresponsive as customers do not receive any replies.

No information regarding the owners can be seen on the site so that nobody can report the owners. The owners have hidden their information via WHOIS. All of these signs point to that Batchlet.com is not legit.


We come to a conclusion that Batchlet.com is most probably a scam site due to the number of red flags the site shows. It is advisable to avoid shopping from such sites as they take your money and scam you by sending you cheap quality products.

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