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Alien Tape Reviews

Alien Tape Reviews – How Does Alien Tape Work?

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Alien Tape has revolutionized the way ordinary tapes work. With its ultra nano grip technology, Alien Tape can stick to any surface and can hold items weighing up to a whopping 17.5 pounds. You no longer need to insert screws or nails on your wall. With the Alien Tape, you can stick almost any item imaginable.

In this article, we have provided a detailed description of what is alien tape and how does alien tape work. We have also highlighted the Alien Tape Reviews to see whether this product is worth it or not.

What are Alien Tape Reviews?

Alien Tape is an exceptional double-sided and multipurpose sticking tape that does not use any adhesive, unlike most normal tapes. It is made up of aluminum and acrylic that can stick to any surface.

 Alien Tape is waterproof and reusable, meaning that it can be removed, washed, and used again despite being wet. Given its excellent properties, the Alien Tape is ideal for mounting and hanging purposes as stated in the Alien Tape reviews.

Features of Alien Tape Reviews

Some of the top-notch benefits of Alien Tape are:

  • Robust Adhesion

Alien Tape is surprisingly strong. It can stick and lock to any surface such as metal, plastic, brick, wood, glass, or steel with ease. The secret to its strong adhesion is nano grip technology.

Thousands of minuscule suction cups make up the technology that works together to offer strong adhesion. However, it is advisable to not use Alien Tape on dry painted surfaces as it might chip the paint.

  • Superb Bonding

You don’t need to wait for the Alien Tape to dry. Simply stick the material on the tape after using it for instant bonding.

  • Waterproof Technology

The most amazing aspect of the Alien Tape is that it is waterproof and weatherproof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use the Alien Tape to decorate birthday party items or hang external decor outside. Regardless of the product type, Alien Tape can be used for almost all purposes.

  • Reusable

Another compelling feature of the Alien Tape is that it is reusable. Unlike ordinary tapes that offer one-time use, Alien Tape can be reused multiple times while having the same efficiency as the first time. Furthermore, the tape does not leave behind an unappealing sticky residue. Remove the tape, wash it and let it dry before using it again.


Alien Tape is exceptionally durable. It has a length of 7 feet, a width of 3 cm, and a thickness of 2 mm. Having such thickness allows Alien Tape to hold items up to 17.5 pounds without sticking off or losing its efficiency. You can use the tape to hold the hanger equipped with coats, or other clothes.


You no longer need screws or anchors as the Alien Tape can stick and hold any item. You can use the tape to hang decor, and pictures, stop carpet and furniture from sliding, stick the phone while driving, and do much more purposes.

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How to use Alien Tape Reviews?

Follow the instructions below to use the Alien Tape.

  1. Cut the tape to the desired length.

    2.Stick the tape to the surface and press the item onto the tape.

    3.If you want to reuse it, remove the tape.

    4.Rinse it under water and let it dry.

    5.Stick the tape on the surface again and it will work with the same efficiency.

    6.When not in use, place the Alien Tape in its resealable plastic bag to maintain its super stickiness.

    7.However, it is advisable to do a small patch test before sticking the tape. Wet or moist surfaces are not suitable for the tape. The Alien Tape works best on dry and flat surfaces.

Why Alien Tape Reviews are the Best? 

Alien Tape is a must-have product as it removed the need for screws, nails, or anchors. You don’t want to damage your walls by inserting screws. Many homeowners also don’t allow any installation therefore Alien Tape solves that problem. It is reusable, strong, and durable. You can maintain the neatness of the walls by hanging the decor items using the Alien Tape. Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

Alien Tape Reviews

We extensively researched the Alien Tape Reviews and found mixed reviews from people. Some people were hugely impressed with the product while others found it ordinary. The features which people loved the most were its easy application and lightweight. As promised, Alien Tape is quite easy to use. Simply cut the tape, stick it on the wall and press the object onto it. People were able to hang their mirrors, secure their rugs, and prevent their pets from scratching the surfaces.

However, many others complained that the product was not what the company advertised. Some found the tape useless as it didn’t do the job it was supposed to. Some people even received only a single tape without any packaging despite paying for the deal offering two tapes. Not only that, many people mistakenly used the tape on painted surfaces despite the company warning them not to. As a result, the paint chipped and damaged their surfaces.

In a nutshell, Alien Tape works wonders for lightweight products but it is not that effective for heavy products.


Alien Tape is an excellent household item that offers so many features at a minimal rate. It is a true value for money as it saves so much hassle. Ranging from pictures to carpets, Alien Tape can work wonders on for any product and on any material. Its multipurpose functionality makes it a top choice among many people worldwide. Some love the tape for its lightweight while others love it for its strong adhesion.

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