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How To Repair Motherboard Like A Pro?

by Alex James

A motherboard malfunction is something that DIY enthusiasts and computer repair technicians might experience from time to time. It is the primary circuit board that links and manages all of your computer’s internal parts. It includes the hard drive, RAM, GPU, CPU, and ports. Symptoms that a motherboard needs repair involve random crashes, error messages, and lack of power, display, or sound. Let’s learn about how you can overcome these motherboard issues easily.

DIY Ways to Perform Motherboard Repair 

It’s time to take a look at various steps for fixing motherboard woes.

Determine The Reason For The Malfunction

It’s crucial to take into account the potential causes of motherboard failure. In order to identify the main issue, you should examine the following: 

  • The motherboard 
  • The case 

Check these parts for any signs of damage, burns, or leaks: the power cord and power supply and the cooling fans and systems. You should also check the parts and cables for any broken or loose connections and the firmware version and BIOS settings. 

Examine The Parts

Testing the parts that are attached to the motherboard is the next stage in identifying and repairing a motherboard. For this examination, you can use the following:

  • An Extra Computer: It is a functional computer that you can use to swap and test the components. 
  • A POST card: It shows power-on self-test (POST) codes that show the status of the components. 
  • A Multimeter: It measures voltage, current, and resistance. 

Steps For Examining 

  • You must unplug the power supply and, if necessary, remove the battery in order to test the parts. 
  • Next, to prevent static electricity, open the case and ground yourself. 
  • Take out every unnecessary part, including the GPU, optical drive, hard drive, and peripherals. After plugging in the power supply, switch on the computer. 
  • Take note of the display, sounds, and lights. 
  • Add a component at a time and test again until you identify the problematic one if it boots up. Check the power supply output with a multimeter if it doesn’t boot up and the POST codes with a POST card if it does. 

If there’s a problem, find the solution by consulting the handbook or an internet database; if the POST card is empty, use a spare computer to swap out and test each component individually.

Swap Out Or Repair The Motherboard

If you find that the motherboard itself is the cause of the issue, the last stage in diagnosing and fixing a motherboard failure is to replace or repair the motherboard. Generally speaking, replacing the motherboard is easier than repairing it, but it also costs more and takes longer. 

How To Perform This?

  • If you can, make a backup of your settings and data. 
  • Remove the battery, if any, and disconnect the power cord. 
  • Open the case to prevent static electricity. 
  • Lift the motherboard out of the casing by unscrewing it. 
  • Send in the repaired or new motherboard, or install it. 
  • Replug all parts and cables back into the motherboard. 
  • Shut down the device, plug in the power supply, and, if needed, the battery. 
  • Lastly, turn on the computer and, if necessary, restore your data and settings.

Replacing chips, resistors, and capacitors, as well as soldering and reflowing, may be necessary to fix the motherboard. Nevertheless, it might not ensure a successful result and needs knowledge and tools. You should locate a suitable replacement or a reliable motherboard repair service like Wireless Waves Repair for your model and brand in order to replace or fix the motherboard. 


So, here you learn all the steps to repair your malfunctioning motherboard. But as fixing your motherboard is important, twice as important is that you should also avoid anything that can trouble it. Now, no more motherboard woes anymore!

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