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Everything to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy

Everything to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy

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There is a certain level of social stigma linked with the act of filing for bankruptcy. Typically, the individuals who file for bankruptcy are categorized as unethical, lazy, and failures. On the other hand, if a business files for bankruptcy, it is essentially looked at as a failed start-up.

The truth is that filing for bankruptcy is better than having tons of debts to one’s name.

The essential goal of filing for bankruptcy is that it provides you relief from creditors.

Here are some other things to know about filing for bankruptcy.

Who Should File for Bankruptcy

Let us go over the basic understanding of who should file for bankruptcy. Suppose you are in a situation where your mortgage is underwater or you have debt that you simply cannot repay; then you might want to get in touch with the chapter 13 bankruptcy kansas city mo, and file for bankruptcy.

It is important to mention here that the financial assistance that you will receive from bankruptcy will depend on the type of debt you have incurred. This aspect includes that bankruptcy won’t let go of mandatory child support debt, as well as student loan debt.

Nonetheless, before filing for bankruptcy, it would be wise to get in touch with a professional credit counselor and get an expert opinion on whether or not filing for bankruptcy is your best option. Meeting with a credit counselor is mandatory for anyone who is considering filing for bankruptcy.

Usually, credit counseling is required as an essential part of the entire bankruptcy filing process.

Potential Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Now that we have covered the basics let us have a look at the potential benefits of filing for bankruptcy.

Potential Break from Creditors

Having loads of debt to one’s name can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. That said, the essential aspect of filing for bankruptcy is linked with the benefit of getting a break from potential creditors. By filing for bankruptcy, you can avail of temporary and permanent relief from your creditors.

The law will grant you an “automatic stay” and prevent your creditors from approaching you to collect money. This way, you will avail yourself of temporary protection from property repossession and eviction. Over time, when the debt is discharged, your potential collectors will no longer be able to collect on it.

Safeguard Your Money

By filing for bankruptcy, you can avail yourself of the benefit of safeguarding your future earnings. Here is the thing: the wages that you will be earning after filing for bankruptcy won’t fall in the category of the property of the bankruptcy estate.

However, your future earnings can still be vulnerable to any undischarged debt, including child support debt.

Mental & Emotional Relief

Another potential benefit of filing for bankruptcy is linked to your mental and emotional health. Being in debt can be mentally and emotionally exhausting to the point of causing stress. If you file for bankruptcy, you can get instant emotional relief as you will be getting some space and a clean slate for yourself and your family.

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